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Week 1 Complete

Posted by Zach Colvin on Saturday, June 25, 2011, In : Off-Season 
Lifting has been great! The boys are all working hard towards next season. The max lifting test were all completed yesterday, with some lifts coming in with some big weights! Future sophomore, Agustin Garcia, was able to put up his body weight on the bench press with some relative ease. Our man Victor was hitting up Bar Lunges like a champion. Things were all around looking good. It was time to put the kids to the test.....The Plate Workout!

Here are the rules of the uber tough Plate Workout. ...
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First day of lifting and practice...Impressions

Posted by Coach Colvin on Tuesday, June 21, 2011, In : Off-Season 

I gotta admit, I was skeptic on how we would look numbers wise when we first started. I knew that my Bears would come up and represent, what I didn't know; is what kind of turnout we would have when I initiated our summer practices.

I was put into total shock to see that we had pretty decent numbers last Thursday for the wrestling practice. These are all kids who have wrestled before, allowing my coaching staff and I to teach on the fly while generating an amazing workout for those involved. I...

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