So far, we have had two star wrestlers! Great job Colten and Jared! These two young men are both showing everyone what a little hard work can do for you. I would love to see some new faces get this award! There are some wrestlers who place themselves as front runners for this award day in and day out, so my wish is to see them continue to work as hard as they are now to win this award! The way things are going, it is very likely that one of our 9th or 10th grade boys will be winning this award in July. They have been hitting the weights so hard every lifting day. Numbers are still consistent daily, and so is the effort.

Another quick shout out to some of our hard working kids in lifting; Ambrosio, Aaron, Manny, Victor, and Auggie! Each of these wrestlers have won our little "contests" to see who can last the longest on our burn out plate workouts.....which are very, very hard.

Way to go boys!