We've had the "Forum" section since this site was published. It was a section for parents/wrestlers to ask questions, have discussions, etc... It has more or less "died" recently due to inactivity. I got on recently to look, and noticed that we had a few random "guests" signed up. Some were people that I know have nothing to do with our wrestling program. One (a more welcomed guest) was Mike Stidham, from Ultimate Combat Experience. I thought it was way cool that a guy like him would be posting in our forums, especially with the information he was posting. However; I still had people signed up that didn't need to be there, and that would always be a problem, as anyone who finds this site can create an account. To stop this, I am presenting the "Socialize" tab. We have our own social network similar to Facebook, where we will be storing pictures, and streaming videos of our matches. The only way to view this site is by getting approved by yours truly, so I don't think that we'll have this issue again. Sign up for it by clicking the above tab, or even by clicking HERE. This will definitley be nice for my computer's hard drive, as there is no way that I can store them all for too long if I want it to perform better!