Lifting has been great! The boys are all working hard towards next season. The max lifting test were all completed yesterday, with some lifts coming in with some big weights! Future sophomore, Agustin Garcia, was able to put up his body weight on the bench press with some relative ease. Our man Victor was hitting up Bar Lunges like a champion. Things were all around looking good. It was time to put the kids to the test.....The Plate Workout!

Here are the rules of the uber tough Plate Workout. If you weigh below 120lbs, you get a 25lb plate, 120-150lbs get a 35lb plate, and anyone above 150lbs gets a 45lb plate. During the workout, if you slack, miss a rep, or drop the plate; we start over!
Here is the workout -10 Reps each-
Standing Lifts,
Push Outs, Shoulder Press, Dip Backs, Curls, Bent Over Rows, Halo's, Rainbows
On your back, head off the ground, feet up six inches,
Chest Press, Dip Backs
Sitting Postition,
Bus Drivers for 15 seconds (Pending effort)

After all of these are done 10 times each, participants drop their weight and get water.

We did this 5 times yesterday, which for one of these high school insane!

They looked great! I couldn't ask for a better group of wrestlers right now. There is so much dedication in the room, and it's not looking like anyone/thing can change it.

I'll try to keep on this blog for all who read it, plan on once or twice a week for now.

Coach Colvin