Ogden Tigers Wrestling

Tigers Star Wrestler of June 

 Jared Stone


Jared is one amazing athlete. He is a large, young kid. Truly a specimen in the weight room. He has worked extremely hard at becoming a phenomenal wrestler for Ogden High. Jared started his wrestling career at Mound Fort Jr High, where he helped Coach Colvin win a district championship, and become a district champion in his own weight class. He is extremely dedicated to the sport, and very coachable. Jared's latest achievement comes from his time in the weight room, he has been hitting the Bar Lunge workout daily (as expected) to improve the speed and power of his double leg takedowns......It has worked...... With Jared still working in the first phase of our three phase workout, he can only keep getting better! He has taken this strength that he has developed and used it on the mat. When Jared takes his shot on you now, you feel it. He'll hit you with such force and speed that your body will go vertically before he decides to latch on with his arms and slam you into the mat. "Believe me, it hurts..."-Coach Colvin

Congrats Jared, you earned this month 100%

Also, one more thing to mention about Jared....He has not missed a single practice, or lifting session during our summer season. Proving that you have to be willing to put in the time to become better at your sport. 

 Tigers Star Wrestler of May

Colten Brady


Colten is one of our up and coming wrestlers. He just finished his 10th grade year at Ogden High, where he was one of the top performers on the team. He dealt with injuries this past season but has done a ton to help rehab himself for next year. He is the only wrestler from Ogden who had perfect attendance during our freestyle club, the "Ogden Destroyers".

Colten is the kind of wrestler that coaches love having around, he will always do exactly what is asked of him, knowing that he will always benefit from it. Colten has worked extremely hard to make sure that he has a State tournament next year, and by the end of his career, he will be on the podium as one of the top wrestlers in Utah at his weight class.

Coach Colvin on Colten... "This guy is going to go far, his work ethic is second to none. He reminds me of a certain coach (Wilson) who used to wrestle for me....It's almost like playing a video game with him, I press a button, and he does what I need on the mat."


Let's see who will be working hard to be the "Tigers Star Wrestler" of June! Keep working hard everyone! It will be rewarding!